"PMI-NEW is a center of excellence for Project Management in Northeast and Northcentral Wisconsin, promoting awareness, supporting knowledge, standards and ethical practice for our members and community."

PMI Chapters

pmi-new-logo-icon.gifThe PMI Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter is one of more than 250 Project Management Institute (PMI) Chapters in more than 70 countries. When you join PMI you can join a local PMI Chapter member that serves the specific needs of project managers in your local area. Chapters promote the Project Management profession by holding meetings, educational programs, and outreach events that are designed to promote the understanding of Project Management principles.

PMI Northeastern Wisconsin Service Area

There are four PMI Chapters in Wisconsin: Lacrosse-Rochester, Madison, Milwaukee, Northeastern Wisconsin. Our Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter (PMI NEW), serves the following Wisconsin locations:



To be a Center of Excellence in Project Management.


The PMI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter promotes excellence and awareness in global project management by supporting project management knowledge, standards and ethical practice for members, the profession and the community of the Northeast and Northcentral Wisconsin region.

True North

Collaborate + Educate + Enable = Member Value

PMI Region 2

The PMI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter is one of the 21 chapters included in the North Central North American Region, referred to as Region 2.  

Three times a year, members of the PMI NEW Board of Directors participate in a Leadership Conference with the directors of other chapters in the R2 region. By attending the conference and talking with other Chapter leaders, our directors learn about new ways to manage and promote our Chapter as well as better ways to serve its members.