Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez

Senior Agile Coach

We are one idea away from changing the world

In consideration of developing countries, we are waiting for the next billion users to be connected to the internet. This is important to understand because the constant change in; ways of working (remote, hybrid); type of workers (contract, gig, fluid); partnerships (vendors, third-party); competition; markets; customer needs. As time progresses, the complexity of our world will be ever-increasing. How do we prepare for this? By upgrading our Leadership Operating System

Security is a part of “Built-In Quality”. It is imperative companies deliver rapid value to their customers, but safety should never be dropped in place of speed. There is a way for speed, quality, and safety to live harmoniously together. This requires a mindset and cultural shift, and this shift is the responsibility of the leadership team

How do you recognize when leadership is happening? Is it by speech? Is it by action? People can only recognize that leadership is in fact happening when they share common knowledge principles. What do I mean by this? When you are asked to describe beauty, what do you say? Many will agree that waterfalls, mountains, and stars are beautiful. Why? Because the same knowledge principle is shared that says, “that is beauty”. How does this relate to leadership? We must share common knowledge principles to recognize that leadership is in fact happening. We must point to it and give it a name.

In conclusion, we are all headed into the uncharted, the uncertain, and the unknown. While the task in front of us is daunting, just remember, we are one idea away from changing the world.

About Alex


Alex Sanchez is a Senior Agile Coach and Vice President at U.S. Bank. Before working there he was an Agile Coach at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Alex’s career spans just under a decade with a focus on enterprise transformation, corporate development, and leadership enhancement. He passionately dedicates his time to people, teams, and organizations, helping them challenge the status quo and reach their full potential required to succeed in the rapidly changing business environment.