Speaker Profile


Kurt Peters

Project Development Supervisor, Wisconsin Department of Transportation

What does it take to build a highway?

In this interactive keynote session, you will learn the importance of practicing the art of honoring the greatness within yourself and others by understanding the power of being self-aware. Self-awareness is critical for career success. A recent study found that 95% of people think they’re self-aware; however, only 10-15% truly are (Eurich, Forbes). People who are more self-aware tend to perform better at work and lead more effectively. Companies with self-aware team members have shown to be stronger financial performers.

During this growth session you will be introduced to the ladder of assumptions. You will be reminded of what happens when our assumptions go unchecked. Our thoughts, both accurate and inaccurate, might be more vital than how we communicate with one another. Being aware of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, as well as the stories we tell ourselves about other people is a lifelong journey. When we are self-aware, we can clearly see how our intentions don’t always align with our impact and most importantly remind us “we can’t believe everything we think.”

 Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to the ladder of assumptions
  • Awareness and ability to identify the stories we tell ourselves
  • Importance of self-awareness to compare intentions with impact

About Kurt Peters

Kurt Peters is a supervisor in the Project Development Section of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation NE Region (Green Bay). He graduated from University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a Bachelor of Science degree and is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Wisconsin. Kurt spent 7 years working for engineering consultant firms before starting at WisDOT in 2007. Kurt has been involved with WisDOT Mega/Major highway projects since 2011. He was a project manager for the design and construction of the US 41 expansion in Brown County from 2011-2014. Kurt then transitioned to the construction project manager for the WIS 441 Tri-County Expansion project from 2014-2020. Kurt is now the supervisor for the I-41 expansion from Appleton to Green Bay. This is a 23-mile corridor in Outagamie and Brown Counties. The project is currently in design with anticipated construction completion in 2030.